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Old School


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Change is the essential progress of all existence...


There is nothing permanent except change

What can be conceived can be created

False modesty is as destructive as false pride

Let's not confuse bigness with greatness

What do you despise? By this you are truly known

Never seek the wind in the field- It is useless to try and find that which is gone

Land Development Services

Land Acquisition


Site Selection, Land Owner Negotiations, Demographic and Metric Research, LOI and Purchase Agreement Structuring



Coordination with land planners, landscape architects, horizontal engineers,  entitlement lawyers. Manage the process with all municipalities, neighborhoods and Village Planning Committee Meetings

Site Planning and Architectural


Extensive experience in driving site plans with land planners and in working with architectural firms on focused product/unit design specializing in four sided architectural vernacular and floor plan layouts

Land Development/Horizontal Infrastructure


Manage the land development and engineering process to design an efficient and cost effective horizontal infrastructure plan for each development.

Construction Management


Selection of General Contractor/Construction Manager, contract negotiation and assist in all RFP's and bidding

Capital Stack/Financial Structure


Extensive experience in deal structure with Wall Street firms and primary financial institutions on efficient capital stacks, equity and debt negotiations

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